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Onam 2023: Date, Rituals and Celebration

Onam 2023 :one of the most celebrated festivals in the southern Indian state of Kerala, is a vibrant and joyous occasion that brings together people of all backgrounds and ages. With its rich history, cultural significance, and unique rituals, Onam is an event eagerly awaited by Keralites and people worldwide. In this article, we delve into the heart of Onam 2023, exploring its date, rituals, and the grand celebrations that accompany it.

Onam 2023 Date: Onam falls in the Malayalam month of Chingam, which typically corresponds to the months of August and September in the Gregorian calendar. In 2023, Onam is expected to be celebrated on September 6th, marking the most important day of the festival, known as Thiru Onam.

Rituals of Onam 2023:

  1. Pookalam: The festival begins with the creation of intricate flower rangoli designs called “Pookalam” in front of homes. Each day, the Pookalam becomes more elaborate, symbolizing the grand welcome extended to the mythical King Mahabali.
  2. Vallamkali (Boat Races): One of the most exciting aspects of Onam is the boat races that take place in various parts of Kerala. The Aranmula Uthrattadi Vallamkali, a traditional snake boat race, is particularly famous.
  3. Onasadya: A grand feast known as “Onasadya” is prepared on Thiru Onam. It consists of a variety of vegetarian dishes served on a banana leaf. The meal is an integral part of the festival, and families come together to enjoy this sumptuous feast.
  4. Kathakali Dance: Kathakali, a traditional dance form, is performed during Onam. The colorful and intricate makeup and costumes of the performers are a sight to behold.
  5. Pulikali: Another unique aspect of Onam is the Pulikali or Tiger Dance, where men paint themselves as tigers and dance through the streets, delighting onlookers.

Onam 2023 promises to be a time of togetherness, cultural immersion, and sheer joy. Whether you’re a native Keralite or a visitor to this beautiful state, participating in the festivities of Onam will leave you with cherished memories of this unique and vibrant festival. So, mark your calendars for September 6th, 2023, and get ready to be a part of the grand celebration that is Onam!


1. Why is Onam celebrated?

Onam is celebrated to welcome King Mahabali, a benevolent and just ruler who is believed to visit Kerala during this time. It also marks the harvest season and is a way to express gratitude to nature.

2. What is the significance of the Pookalam?

The Pookalam is a way to welcome King Mahabali and is a symbol of prosperity and happiness. Each day, a new layer is added, symbolizing the gradual growth of happiness and prosperity.

3. Are non-Keralites allowed to participate in Onam celebrations?

Absolutely! Onam is a festival that celebrates unity and inclusivity. People from all backgrounds are welcome to partake in the festivities and enjoy the rich culture of Kerala

4. Can I witness boat races during Onam if I visit Kerala?

Yes, you can. Boat races are a major attraction during Onam, and you can witness these thrilling events in various parts of Kerala.

5. What should I wear during Onam celebrations?

You can choose to wear traditional Kerala attire like the white and gold saree for women (Kasavu saree) or a white dhoti and shirt for men. However, there are no strict dress codes, and you can wear what makes you comfortable.



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